"With sweetness, with sweetness, with sweetness!": Paul Verlaine’s famous poem perfectly illustrates the encounter between three-star Michelin chef Alain Passard and Tiger’s Maho Nabé. It was with great excitement – and a touch of apprehension – that Tiger asked Chef Passard to try out the very first Maho Nabé prototype. When the Chef tested this "magic pot", the news coming from the Arpège’s kitchen brought joy to those who have been spending the past years working on the product’s conception and fine-tuning in Osaka: "With the Maho Nabé, I can make a whole new ratatouille!".

Since this first interaction, the recipes have been plentiful, one for each season and even more for the holidays. The Chef has not grown tired of discovering how, dish after dish, on and off the stove, the Maho Nabé is able to reveal the intrinsic savors of his gardens’ famous vegetables, as well as those of meats and fishes.